Wheel Spacers vs. Wheel Adapters

By | November 26, 2017

Wheel Spacers vs. Wheel Adapters

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In this video, my little brother and make the golf flush by adding on wheel spacers and wheel adapters, along with get the car ready for new brakes. So we installed a set of 15mm wheel spacers up front, and a set of 25mm wheel adapters in the rear.

THIS IS A 100% SAFE MOD, if you install them properly. Make sure you use a proper torque wrench to install your lug nuts on the wheel. It isn’t rocket science, it just takes a few more seconds to do properly.

I’ve had wheel adapters on my Honda, and my older brother has adapters on his Mini. We’ve both had them for awhile now, and we haven’t run into any problems!!

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20 thoughts on “Wheel Spacers vs. Wheel Adapters

  1. Josh Cifuentes

    I just bought some for my Mazda they fit the car perfectly but their to big for the rims. What could be a solution

  2. Scott Parry

    So don't start with cleaning the surface in prep for the spacer??? You can just go right ahead and no don't watch this

  3. Jim Jim

    Was hoping to see a clearer difference of the front and esp the rear wheels after installation.
    Good video anyway.

  4. flexluis 311

    do wheel adapter change the offset of the wheels ur installing? im trying to to install custom 3pc wheels made for a 95' BMW M3 to 13' VW CC by using wheel adapters. I know they make wheel adapters in different thicknesses too.

  5. FakeAlien MNE

    Hi Milan! I need your opinion about wheel adapters. I'm driving VW Golf mk3, and last week I bought new wheels. Now I need to use wheel adapters to make switch from 4×100 to 5×100, but people telling me that wheel adapters are not really safe. I need your opinion about that, couse you have much more experience with that.

  6. tribaltechno

    love the stance.
    but if you're using wheel adapters/spacers, make sure they're hub centric, the ones you got on the rear aren't hub centric, the front ones are

  7. David Martens

    Take those off! those eBay spacers will break when you're making a turn and I'm speaking from experience

  8. William Ramsey

    Im trying to put a 4 lug 2005 honda wheel on a 1968 mustang coupe, can anyone tell me how?

  9. Colton Hill

    Hey I have a question. My wheel spacers fit on my hub but they won't fit my rim size. So what is the problem?


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