Wheel Spacers Good or Bad? | Spacers Explained

By | November 26, 2017

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There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding and misconception regarding wheel spacers. So today I thought I’d try to clear a lot of that up.

The four main types of spacers:
Non Hub Centric Slip On
Hub Centric Slip On
Hub Centric Bolt On
Non Hub Centric Bolt On

Some specific wheel spacers that adapt the bolt pattern on your car to a different bolt pattern would be a wheel adapter and would follow the same principals as explained in this video.

Anyways, thanks for watching and I hope that helped clear some things up 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Wheel Spacers Good or Bad? | Spacers Explained

  1. OffBeat Garage

    Regarding the comments about the lugs have tapers on them so the wheel will be centered regardless of hub centric or not:

    Yes although the lugs do have tapers to center the wheel and or spacer on the hub, there is a much higher chance of it not being centered when not running a hub centric setup and this is where most the issues of spacers come from. Which is why I suggested to only get hub centric.
    For instance:
    A lot of people bolt on their wheel and hand tighten their lugs to maybe 15 ft/lbs of torque. Then they lower their car on the ground and torque it to spec. If the wheel doesn't have a hub diameter properly matched with the hub diameter on the car then there is a possibility that when lowering the car on the ground and the full weight of the car is applied to the wheel, that the wheel will move off center since the lugs are not fully torqued and are not holding the wheel 100% in place. Then when you go to torque the lugs, you will torque the wheels off center.
    Make sense?
    So by having it hub centric it eliminates that room for error. And considering the negligible price difference between hub centric spacers and non hub centric it's best to go with a hub centric setup
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Alex Jerome

    So if i understood you right, thry dont ruin the hub? Im thinking of getting 50mm spacers for my sc300

  3. Steve Pilkington

    Nice video well explained it answered my questions and worries.

  4. bman409

    So basically I'd be good to run a 10mm hub centric bolt-on wheel spacer with +30 wheels on my Z33 fine as a daily? My biggest concern is wheel bearings, but watching the video and seeing those drift cars with crazy wheel spacers had me thinking.

    I'm running a staggered setup:
    Front – 245/35-19
    Rear – 275/35-19

    I think my rims are 9-9.5 wide, not to sure but I know they're somewhere around there.

  5. Donna Peroche

    Tune in for the next video when he explains how to measure the empty space between your ears

  6. Taylor Vein Rises

    What would I need to do to my rear wheel drive car to give it a zero scrub radius if it has a 8mm positive scrub radius? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    Good info. Great move with the table of contents. More vids should have them.

  8. Casual Agent

    Thought about 25mm spacers for a 350Z, just to bring the wheels out more flush to the bodywork, make sense?

  9. Drew Mac

    Thanks for a good video and good info! Also Thank you for speaking well)))

  10. Farmageddon Records (Official)

    There really is nothing better than learning from someone that truly knows what the fu@k they are talking about. Great video man, cheers.

  11. WASP Cracker

    Don't bolt-on spacers hubcentric or not, put too much load on the wheel bearings, so they will wear out prematurely? I know for most ricers that they don't really care, since by the time the bearings go bad they would have sold their trash car to another poor ricer anyways and it be his problem!


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