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Today we are providing some info on exactly what wheel spacers are, what they do, and the FAQs to know before you buy them for your own car!

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If you’re curious about how to install wheel spacers, we also made a video that gives you all the instructions you’ll need: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juKiVs7XepI

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Installation video — SuperTrack wheel spacer for rear hubs. Improves cornering and true tracking. Corrects factory front-to-rear tracking deviation. Use on GM, Ford and Dodge trucks, vans and motorhomes. Increase track width by 2 inches per side by Installing wheel spacers on vehicle’s rear hubs using the original studs.


  1. Francisco Coello

    Scared me, you almost hit  yourself in the face at the beginning with that wheel spacer.

  2. eT Flightzz Leader&Founder

    I recently threw some 18 inch rims on my 2000 Camry and as I drove off I heard my rims hitting my suspension. So I know that spacers could fix my problem, thing is I don't know how much space is really needed, nor how big my spaces should be. any tips?

  3. Luzaw Lay.

    Do you know why my steering wheel is vibrating after install wheel spacers ?

  4. Eski Life

    Hi! Можно пожалуйста с переводом субтитрами? было бы круто есть поклонник и из Russian))

  5. Noor Esclamado

    Hello I have already a spacer in my toyota hilux pick up truck the size is 30mm is it bad for my wheel bearing,etc.? Considering it is a pick up truck? Thank you.

  6. Michael Lambing

    I have put wider rims on my van..the inside of the rims are grinding on the armature that holds the hub…will spacers take care of this for me?

  7. Ron

    I see so many people using an impact gun to bolt up their wheels, why? An impact gun should only be used to REMOVE nuts and bolts. It can be used to speed up the process of putting things back together but, it should not be used to "finish" the job.

    Buy a cheap torque wrench from Harbor Freight, or an expensive one from Snap-on.

  8. Angel Christov

    Great explanation. Basically covered everything I would have said on the subject. Obviously it's best to get wheels that fit your car and suspension setup from the get-go. With certain spoke designs, it isn't always possible to get the necessary caliper clearance, so a small 5mm spacer or less should be all you need.

  9. alsib photo

    i have 5mm spacer and steering wheel shakes on high speeds 🙁
    anyone else have this problem?

  10. evypr0ductions

    I'm looking to install spacers in the rear of my 2010 ford extended E250, the bolt pattern is 8×6.5 and I want to add 2" on each sides for stability, two questions, some people tell me not to use aluminum, use steel spacers instead, why? also I can't seem to find a spacer with the right center bore diameter (124.9mm) they mostly have 129mm, could I use them? thanks!

  11. Dave Stephens

    no, not all trucks are like this. best way to find out is to measure your width in both front and rear. take you measurement from the middle of the tread on your tire on the right to middle of the tread on the left.


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