Wheel Spacers & Adapters – Summit Tech Talk with Carl

By | December 9, 2017

Watch and listen to Summit Racing tech adviser Carl Pritts breakdown the differences between wheel spacers and wheel adapters to help you choose and install the part that will work best for your vehicle, and provide additional insight and pro tips along the way.

In this video I install some wheels spacers!
This is basically an easy how-to guide for beginners / noobs like me who haven’t had much experience in doing many modifications to their car! let me know if this helped you, and if you enjoyed watching then make sure to leave a like for loads more videos like this!
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10 thoughts on “Wheel Spacers & Adapters – Summit Tech Talk with Carl

  1. Kevin Durant 35

    is there will adapters to change the will size from a r14 to a bigger number like 16 or 15

  2. Hozer Vee Dubb_twosixx

    I recently bought some f1r 5*112. 18 wheels for my gli , I have 45mm bolts. Noob question what do i need so the wheels fits perfectly ,

  3. eduardo guerra

    i have a vw gti 2001, and i bought some rims tenzo r type m size 18, they dont match the bolt pattern, the stock pattern is 5×100 right i should.change it to 5×112?

  4. Will Ashton

    Nice video but get yourself a decent jack, i've seen those break


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