Using Wheel Spacers Rim Hitting Caliper

By | December 8, 2017

Using Wheel Spacers Rim Hitting Caliper

New OEM Wheels are Scraping the Break Caliper. I used a 1/4″ wheel spacer to correct the problem. Hopefully its OK.

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Lug Conversion Adapters Install [The FRS Project]

Hey guys and girls ,today i’m going to be installing Lug conversion adapters, but unlike any other spacers, these change your wheel bolt pattern. You will also get a sneak peak of my new Wheels I put on the FRS. Hit that like button if you think they LOOK COOL.
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15 thoughts on “Using Wheel Spacers Rim Hitting Caliper

  1. Pear CD

    My dodge Grand Caravan had this problem after I changed the pads with the OEM rims! Fixed it with a set of washers. Much cheaper. But I don't understand why we've got that problem to start with.

  2. Nino Castandiello

    It should work because the engineering calculation of the strength of the bolt is when the grab of the nut to the tread is equal or more than the diameter of the bolt it will hold the same even if the bolt is one inch longer.

  3. Sac Car Scene

    Cutting those studs looks like a lot of work. I would be more tempted to buy new wheels before doing that.

  4. Mike K

    you only want so much torque on bolts the threads actually stretch and to much is just as bad as not enough torque.

  5. Marlon B

    I thought stock wheels had space on the back and no cutting was necessary…

  6. romit vishmai

    does this adapters helps in changing the PCD from 114.3*4 to 100*4

  7. YamaR6/ScionFRS

    thinking of getting rocket bunny kit , I was told I need spacers to have wheels fit right with wide fenders , if so can I use the spacers with the oem rims ?

  8. cxlhoun

    Hey it's StanceNsupercars from Instagram! Can't wait till we get out to photoshoot the FRS!


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