Top 10 Best Ever Off-Road Driving Stunts by 4×4 Cars

By | November 29, 2017

This is the best collection of 4×4 cars off-road stunts. All types of modified rally cars are here, giving extra-ordinary performance on rocky road and muddy road. Climbing mountain is tough task for any type of SUV Car but these drivers are making it easy. Watch, Enjoy and leave Comments.ST

Ever wanted to go on a tropical vacation and bring your jeep? Well this time on Dirt Every Day presented by 4 Wheel Parts, Fred shows you how when he finds himself in the middle of a tropical jungle with his good old Jeep Wrangler TubeSock. Fred must hang with the locals to learn the ways of the rainforests and try to survive the slippery, muddy, bug infested trails on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Will he have a wonderful vacation or die of malaria in a muddy swamp? Tune in to find out!

Dirt Every Day appears every fourth Tuesday on the Motor Trend channel.

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40 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Ever Off-Road Driving Stunts by 4×4 Cars

  1. al dee

    i like the video why does this stupid music come up so much on this site can't anyone be original?

  2. Holden McGroin

    The Cherokee at the end was some impressive driving, but the rest was pretty easy stuff if you've ever been off-roading.

  3. Bushcraft North of 60

    That basically stock XJ at the end. Crazy. Open diff's and all.

  4. celtic rules

    Turn the fackin volume down if you don't want to hear the music ya moanin c_unts

  5. Jeremy Pilot

    Makes me wonder what kind of four wheel knowledge the guys at 4Wheel have. I bought a set of Grabbers for an S10 blazer I had. They were on the truck for one weekend and I was so upset by their lack of performance I took them back. Bought Mastercraft coursers ATX ten times the tire and was a bunch cheaper. Man those tires ruined your weekend…

  6. Tinkersmentality OoohyaehGooey

    He made it!! DANG & with mall crawler tires,,, LOL

  7. pimpmafuqa

    Have those same lugs at 4:05

    You are definitely not supposed to use an enerpac on them with the special socket.

  8. Rajput Mithlesh Thakur

    Who is this pink clouth guy why he will not come in camera

  9. Creep With a Jeep

    If this guy tried giving me that β€œlow-five high-five” bullshit, I’d have put five to his face.

  10. Owen Long

    Can someone please tell wtf is up with the pink dude at 13:40 ? I seen him when they went to Moab tooπŸ˜‚ he was standing on the dune when he was in the race truck

  11. eduardo orozco

    He should put a 2jz in tubsock since he likes to hit the rev limiter

  12. gerekappo

    Hey guys, it's actually amazing to watch an episode like this one, make me laugh thru the entire video.
    Happy to see this, thanks!!

  13. Todd Pierson

    All that work to seat the bead are you kidding me? Surely you've got a little bit of gas and a lighter right?


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