TeraFlex Install: Wheel Offset Adapters (1055000)

By | December 5, 2017

Dennis gives us the differences between adapters and spacers, and how easy it is to install our Wheel Offset Adapters. https://teraflex.com/shop_items/528ffa7fead962f416e72d13
For more info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apJiCmyMPnM

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Wheel Spacers and Wheel Adapters Install (Chevy C1500)

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http://www.gofasthavefun.ca | http://www.stangbangers.com/93_LightningVsChevy454SS_Article.htm | http://www.motorsport-tech.com |

*Always torque wheel adapters and or spacers and all lug nuts to spec using a properly calibrated torque wrench*

In this video I show you how to install high quality wheel spacers and wheel adapters and things you should consider. They’re pretty straight forward; if you can install a wheel you can install a wheel spacer and a wheel adapter.

Wheel Spacers and Adapters: http://www.motorsport-tech.com
Wheel widening modification: http://www.greensautomotive.com
Tires: http://www.tomthetireguy.ca/

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Go Fast have Fun

39 thoughts on “TeraFlex Install: Wheel Offset Adapters (1055000)

  1. Andrew Last

    Once the wheel adapter is torqued on what are you torquing the rims at? (85-90 as well) ?

  2. Anthony Salvatore

    You may not be able to answer my question but it is worth a shot. I have a JK with stock Rubicon 17" x 7.5 wheels and want to lift my jeep about 3 inches. I would like to run a 35" tires on my stock Rubicon wheels. I haven't looked at tires yet but this is my daily driver and will occasionally take it off road but nothing too technical. Will I need spacers and if so will 1.5" spacers be enough for me or are there too many variables I still need to answer before I know what size spacer to get?

  3. papa54321

    Here's my question Dennis is it true that wheel offset adapters are hard on bearing and can make them wear out faster..

  4. Nicholas k

    I'm looking at a wheel, 20×10 -25 offset, I'm not familiar with offsets. Is that normal offset on 2015 jku Sahara jeep

  5. Burnett BBQ

    what tires can i run on stock 18 inch wheels? larger than stock.

  6. Hatch30

    I want to order your 2.5 inch lift kit I have stock wheels with 1.5 inch adapters will my tires are 285/70/17 rub on the sway bar. do i need more back spacing?

  7. Scott Kosasih

    A lot of wheels are hub centric, which should not be used with spacers. This would be another reason I can see for spacers being illegal. The adapter used in this video had a lip to hold hub centric wheels. So called "adapters" without this lip have many of the dangers of a spacer.

  8. Paul Kaderli

    @nismofury…I've had QUALITY 1.5" wheel ADAPTERS on my 2013 F-150 FX4 for about a year now. I've been all over the highway. Speeds up to 85 for extended periods of time.  They run just like stock.  Smooooooth….no wobbles, shakes, noise, etc. ADAPTERS are fine and safe as long as you install them correctly.

  9. syer16

    I have no issues with rubbing. Would this improve stance and handling?  

  10. ar15freak

    My 95 F150 will have a problem of rubbing the radius arms when I turn soon cuz I'll be getting some bigger mud tires.

    How safe are the adapters?

    And it's a given to use some loc tight on the factory wheel studs, don't wana have a tire fly off at 70 mph

  11. E Gibson

    Don't these put a lot of extra strain on the unit bearings and ball joints? Someone please clarify as I am very interested. Thanks

  12. Gledis Mucaj

    you guys are awesome with your videos   no one around  when they sell spacers   dont even mention anything  about  the stud coming out  a bit and needs to be grinned!!!!  that's why  i love your  videos  you guy go through  every detail !!!!! THUMBS UP EVERYONE   TERAFLEX  Best Product around !!!!!

  13. NismoFury

    Do a search on wheel adapters on youtube before throwing your money away. They're fine for low speeds definitely not for highway use.

  14. omarbarcena97

    hey anthonyj350 I know it's been some time since u uploaded this but I'm just wondering how the spacers have been holding up I been looking for quality spacers

  15. J Bouchard

    What was the crap you put between the adapter and drum? Pretty sure you're not suppose to put anything there. Because it's the friction between the two surfaces that takes most of the load. If something lessens the friction. The load now gets transferred to the wheel studs. Which is definitely what you don't want.

  16. CreativeMinds99

    +AnthonyJ350 What was the width of the adapter on the back wheels or what size did you go with? I would not want the stud to stick out past the adapter. I'm converting 5 lug to 6 lug on my Chevy.

  17. MajorBigBudz

    I have a problem with my tires rubbing on the frame when I'm turning all the way to the left and right will this wheel spacer work to stop the rubbing on the frame ?
    and if so how much do they cost I have a 05 f350 harley davidson edition

  18. LJRossPhoto

    Improper use of a torque wrench. Use a ratchet until the bolts are snug. Stance looks pretty good btw.

  19. Roberto Gandolfo

    ¿Qué es eso como de color marrón que esta en el freno de tambor?

  20. byrysh

    LOLOLOL "transfer more energy to the ground" Shh, your lack of intelligence is showing.

  21. Pedro Capote

    not sure if you mentioned it in your video but my question is if i want to come out about 20mm or more i should use adapters instead of a spacer? ive heard its safer and you only use a spacer if you only want to space your wheels a small amount, is this all true?

  22. alejandro hernandez

    What is the thickness of those wheel spacers cuz i have a c1500 and i dont want shave down my wheel studs

  23. J. Colon

    I bought a set of adapters (4×100 to 5×120.65) to fit my corvette wheels on my car.

    The adapter was used & did not come with the open lug nuts and one part is a cutout circle where another circle bolts in to the oem lug & then has the 5th lug for the 5 lug conversion.

    Where can i order the lugnuts separate from the adapters?
    & you have any idea where i can order that missing circle piece?

  24. AnthonyJ350

    Wheel stud install video if you don't have enough threads sticking out after installing your spacers. 

  25. S. J.

    Serios question, So when I go to put my wheel on the spacer how far should the threads stick through the rim? Mine only come through about a half an inch. Is that good enough? yours didn't look like much more than that.


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