Spidertrax Wheel Spacers (Video) | Morris 4×4 Center

By | December 11, 2017

Spidertrax Wheel Spacers (Video) | Morris 4x4 Center

Spidertrax Wheel Spacers are among the number 1 choices of off-roading drivers, including King of the Hammers competitors. These are double anodized during manufacturing for better corrosion protection. They come in either hub centric or lug centric options. Learn what you’ll need to know about these wheel spacers before you buy.

Spidertrax Wheel Spacers:

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Have you thought about modernising your Discovery 1 with new wheels? Due to the old style stud pattern the choice of alloys is very limited, but by fitting adapters the choice of wheels opens up vastly, including ones for Discovery2, 3, 4 and Ranger Rover Sport, amongst others.

Here we fit alloy wheels from a Discovery3, which shows fitting the adapters, with some tips for getting some old wheel spacers off and other stuff.

Fitting modern wheels, using wheel adapters, dramatically improves the cornering grip and handling. I have stiffer anti roll bars front and back, poly roll bar bushes, stiffer springs and adjustable koni shocks on the front and now with these 19″ wheels and modern tyres, oh boy does it hold on and grip around the corners!

The tyres are 255/50r19. I have heard even lower profile tyres are not good, so wouldn’t go any lower than these 50 profiles.

Check wheel availability on eBay USA via this link:

Or wheels on eBay uk here:

Wheel adapters on eBay USA, see this link:

Or for wheel adapters on eBay uk, see here:

See this other video for fitting wheel arch extensions in order to properly cover the wider wheels:

11 thoughts on “Spidertrax Wheel Spacers (Video) | Morris 4×4 Center

  1. 04dram04

    Looks great. Good balance of classic and modern. Reminds me os a Mercedes g wagon

  2. --cLAsic--

    Cool video. It was very informative. For some reason I think the 16 inch rims or should I
    say the original tire and wheels looked much better. Its like you took away a little character
    from your Disco 1. You did a fine job on making this video.

  3. Carlos Pedraza

    very nice wheel indeed. but how was (is, if you still own it) you fuel milage with this wheels?

  4. fester Adams

    the grip was superb ill give you that but I had mine on a 4 wheel alignment machine because it was so bad it also had brand new 275 35 20 Michelin tyres,it was frightening on the m6 I couldn't even have a fag it was that bad

  5. fester Adams

    i put these along with supercharged wheels and it was a nightmare ,really undriveable,and tram lined like hell in fact I only had them for 3 days,it looked fantastic but that's all

  6. landy4x4xfar

    I fitted these myself on my D1 last year and when I fitting the adapter hub I used some thread lock for the 27mm nuts to the axles which works better for peace of mind, and also had the rear flange bolt heads turned shorter by 2mm in a lathe far better than grinding away   


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