Making wheel spacers on the CNC mill

By | December 12, 2017

Making wheel spacers on the CNC mill

First serious project on the new Fadal VMC!

At-Man Unlimited Machining:

NYC CNC John Saunders:

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Installing 1.25

How to Install Wheel Spacers on my Truck? Using a Death Wheel and bricks, of course.

After Leveling my 2015 Silverado using 3″ Lift Spindles, the front Track width was increased by like 1.5″ on each side, so to compensate for the rear, I installed a pair of G2 Gear and Axle 1.25″ Wheel Spacers.

Now the truck looks and drives great

Such Wide
Many Lifted
Very Handing
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19 thoughts on “Making wheel spacers on the CNC mill

  1. ski rifles

    your tool changer looks like it's out of alignment. Search At-Man on you tube. he will be a great help!!

  2. Dennis Sheridan

    Looks like new machine is doing is doing a great job, but why make those spacers out of steel instead aluminum. Those steel spacers have to weigh in about 3 to 4 lbs., that's a lot of weight to hang on the end of an axle.


    That's a cool machine.Maybe you could hook up a spray coolant to work with you air hose. And spray coolant when you pull the trigger. I think it could be done Good Luck

  4. mikey_d

    Mulla on omakohtaisia, hyviä kokemuksia Quakerin lastuamisnesteistä juurikin tommosessa satunnaisessa käytössä. Auttaa paljon, kun sen järjestelmän pesee/huuhtelee ennen ku sinne sen uuden nesteen laittaa sisään.

  5. Jorge Scordamaglia

    Hi Sunppaa:
    There's no denying to the advantages of coolant use for lubrication, chip removal and tooling life. One way of avoiding odor causing bacteria, is using full synthetic coolant, checking and keeping proper concentration and also adding oxygen with a cheap fish tank aerator to provide oxygen to the mixture thus killing bacterial growth. Lack of oil in the sump or minimal contamination also helps.
    Nice parts for a new process in your shop.

  6. emil dekoven

    Continue refining the Fadal's op., and continue to crank out those parts…..whatever they may be. Kudos to be up and running so quickly!!!

  7. sharp x

    that's just awesome, happy for you and looking forward to more of these vids.

  8. The Essex Hunter

    why not just fix the air line on the coolant pipes and leave it running for the op? nice job and glad you are up and running……

  9. John Strange

    It's great to see you up and running with it on a project. You really sound happy with it, and that is cool to hear.

  10. EFormance Engineering

    The evaporative loss of coolant will be significant with your machine. Also, Fadals leak a lot of tramp oil, which can contaminate your coolant. When certain coolants sit for a long time, they tend to grow anaerobic bacteria, which makes the machine smell like holy hell. I'd recommend going with a Fog Buster (NYC CNC has one), it uses "coolant", but it's a small volume and uses minimal quantity, so you don't have a bunch sitting around.

    You should really inspect the oiling system of that machine, Fadals are notorious for having problems with the emitter nozzles. On your machine it's the late style, which can clog up too. The early way oils had lots of Paraffin in them, which ended up clogging the emitter nozzles for the system, and the ports. I had to drill out the sludge in my way oil port in the casting. I replaced all of the emitters and any damaged hoses. I also bought a replacement filter kit for the oiler because there was muck in the bottom and the filter was clogged.

  11. zmajmr

    hi, coolant contain biocid so no algae, and as long your oil for lubrication does not cover all top surface of your coolant tank there is no problems, every 7 or 14 days you sip some of fresh 1% coolant mixture and that is pretty much it, I vote for coolant


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