Know Your 4X4, Beginners Tips

By | December 14, 2017

Know Your 4X4, Beginners Tips. This video is for those who have just bought a 4WD (new or used) or just starting out Off-roading. The video will help you with some pointers about your specific vehicle which are a must know before you 4WD.
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21 thoughts on “Know Your 4X4, Beginners Tips

  1. Chevy Sargent

    I'm from the United States and I've never seen a hub controlled 4×4. We might have them but I've only seen push button 4×4, or lever 4×4 and usually when I hear 4×4 I think of a Chevy, Ford, dodge, jeep but I guess that's just what's popular here

  2. ImfamousWarrior

    wish me luck, working to make sure I keep my baby safe when taking this bet for $40 to do a little off-road.

  3. Down Under in WA with Josh

    Geez! I wish I had of known bout locking the front hubs in back in 2013. I got my first 4×4 (a 89 Nissan Pathfinder) and took it straight off into the bush not to far from home. Not long before I came across sand and quickly got bogged down. TOTALLY forgot about the front locks and figured the 4×4 wasn't going in so walked 8.5km to farmhouse in 38 degree Aussie heat in wheatbelt. After nearly burning to a crisp and got back there with neighbours only for them to tell me I forgot to lock in front hubs!!!!

  4. whooshkaboomie

    Thanks mate. Got myself a used Hummer H3 and taking it back country on the Rocky Mts of Colorado. I have learnt so much from your simple explanations on various points. Trust the Aussies to keep it simple !

  5. Sage Duggal

    Just discovered your videos and have to say they are really well produced and informative. thanks man!

  6. Ryan Martinage

    Thanks for posting this. I just got a 2016 4Runner 4×4 and these are good things to consider before making the maiden voyage. Thank you again.

  7. Wilfredo Dizon

    First time subber! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience!


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