How to PROPERLY Install Wheel Spacers

By | December 12, 2017

How to PROPERLY Install Wheel Spacers

In this video, I show you how to professional mount and install wheel spacers on your car. I am using Bolt-on wheel spacers in this application. For the front, I am installing a 25mm wheel spacer, whereas in the rear, I am installing 38mm wheel spacers. After all is said and done, my OEM wheels will be flush to my fender, I will be able to clear my BBK (to be released), and I will get more even lateral load transfer, resulting me in more traction. Thanks for watching!!
3M Copper Anti Seize ▶︎
3M High Power Brake Cleaner ▶︎
My 25mm Wheel Spacers ▶︎
My 38mm Wheel Spacers ▶︎

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20 thoughts on “How to PROPERLY Install Wheel Spacers

  1. J Bouchard

    Delete video please. Someone will definitely have a failure following your advice. Do not put any anti-seize behind the wheel spacer. It's the friction between mating materials is what holds it. By adding anti-seize. It acts as a lubricant and transfers weight to the lugs. And may cause them to shear.

  2. s13coupelove

    Look at this goof and all this anti seize. I now see he drives an accord, makes sense now LOL

  3. chuct23

    Just got these in the mail today. 25mm front and 38mm rear wheel spacers. The link for the 25mm wheel spacers listed are out of stock so I got the same brand as the 38mm link.

  4. Subiez Rumble

    Hi I am big fan! Question: are wheel spacers safe? Do they hurt the car?? Will the wheel roll off?

  5. DylanTylerCarelli

    I wonder if his spacers ever failed after this due to galvanic corrosion because he used a copper based antiseize on aluminum lol

  6. 3232myke

    You are also putting more pressure on the Wheel studs which is very bad since u r extending the wheel outwards

  7. Joking Central

    Can you join 2 together?
    I need my rear wheels about 80mm wider to fit the body on (body swap project)

  8. Angry Canadian

    have you ever considered wearing gloves when using the wire wheel I've had a few come out and they stick in your finger and they hurt like hell needed a lot of force to pull out

  9. M_24

    Hi I have a 54.1 oem stock bore size , does the bore size on the spacer go to a 73.1 or 72.1 ?


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