How To: Install Wheel Spacer or Adapters – GetJeeping

By | December 1, 2017

How To: Install Wheel Spacer or Adapters - GetJeeping

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20 thoughts on “How To: Install Wheel Spacer or Adapters – GetJeeping

  1. Anto

    i heard those economic torque wrenches work better if parallel to the ground

  2. Dante Sempio

    Hi, How is your spacer doing? are they ok with the off road? Thanks

  3. Zbo Paycolo

    Didn't clean the Jeeps wheel hub? Expect a bad back and knees in the future my friend!

  4. Island Mike

    Stupid ass vid.He does it all wrong and wont even reply..Thumb down.

  5. Rachelle Harman

    i need help Im taking 18 inch rimsoff 2009 mitsubishi eclipse if i get wheel adaptors will they fit on my New 2015 chrysler 200

  6. tony c

    it's not a 19 millimeter bit fits a 19 millimeter socket. forget what the other guy said good thing you use Loctite.

  7. Effay513

    Should have cleaned the brake rotor face, and not use any lock-tite. Proper torque and technique is all you need.

  8. rikjays

    Blue Loctite should be used,,,not red..and clean the mating surfaces good by wire brushing. Apply a thin coat of anti-seize between the mating surfaces. If you use the stock center cap of the original wheel (some have them..some dont) it will then balance even better because the cap works as a hub centric ring.Always use stock torque settings..never overtighten because the stock settings are set by the factory by the lug specs. Make sure that there is no protrusion of the lug AND lugnut on the spacer,,or your inviting the grim reaper. Check the torques often and it is advisable to remove the wheels after a few weeks and make sure there are no cracks and check the lugs for looseness, After that you wont have to check as often.

  9. ibpatman1

    Just curious why you are adding spacers, is it for aesthetics or because your rims were rubbing the shock tower?


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