How to: Install Wheel Adapters (Adaptec Speedware)

By | November 27, 2017

Demonstrating the installation of Adaptec Speedware 5×112 to 5×114.3 Adapters on my car.

Full detailed review on these adapters here:×112-to-5×114-3/

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DIY four to five lug conversion and wheel bearing replacement. In this video I show you how to do a 4 to 5 lug conversion on a Nissan 240sx owned by YouTuber SaabKyle04, but this applies to any 4 lug car. You can also use this process to go from a 5 to 6 lug on a truck or even 6 to 5 lug if you want. You are basically replacing the wheel bearing and hub assembly so this lug conversion applies to many different cars and trucks.

SaabKyle’s Channel and 240sx RestoMod:

Tools and Parts:
5 Lug Hub Conversion Kit:
Locking Lug Nuts:
Extendable Ratchet:
Breaker Bar:
Torque Wrench:
Thread Locker:

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40 thoughts on “How to: Install Wheel Adapters (Adaptec Speedware)

  1. fuckitsmanik

    what brand do you guys recommend on adapters? does it matter if its hubcentric or not? im planning on putting some wheels on my benz and its 5×120. The wedz i have are 5×114.3 suggestions? tips? greatly appreciated guys

  2. Javier Molina

    where did you find hubcentric wheel adapters? I've searched and can only find the ones that are not hubcentric.

  3. allmightyjamestown

    why not just buy the correct lug size pattern rim with the correct offset?

  4. BigBadman1234

    So if I wanted to keep my original alloys but space them out I could get some like these instead of just normal spacers because iv found some red lug nuts but my original hub are just bolts through to wheel into hub not bolts on hub then nuts to do up …..

    Basically I normally put the wheels on the put bolts in I want to have the thread on the hubs to I can get some fancy looking lug nuts

  5. TepaskeMedia

    Do you have a link for buying these adapters? Also, how much will the offset be affected by? Thanks.


    Can you give me some advice for finding 5×120.65 to 5×114.3 adaptors? I can't find good wheels for my camaro because all wheels that fit my car are redneck style wheels.

  7. madhabitz mike

    yeah I torqued the hell out of them it was on my 1992 240sx. your better off just doing a hub conversion because by my experience the two piece adapters are shit, would rather pay a little more and not die. my rear driver side wheel wandered out into a 4 way intersection and fucked up this chicks front end, it was pretty crazy haha

  8. Katsuya89

    Are these adapters safe? How much do your wheels stick out with them on?

  9. patrick ral

    hey bud what kid of spacers work on a 2000 vw passat ? any suggestions?

  10. littleAZN248

    Lol I guessed the wrong wheels but, I have seen a bunch of GLI's with Saharas and it looks really nice.

  11. Beau Garrison

    You're the only YouTuber I watch ads for. Love your videos, and that's the best way I can help :p

  12. Robert robert

    Hey chris fix quick question can this be done with any car, i have a 2005 civic with a 4 bolt patern and i want to switch to 5 bolt on curent civic, can i just buy a 5 bolt for say a 2010 civic and it will actualy fit on my 4 bolt 2005 civic?

  13. Osiris Harper

    your great at doing car stuff! your 1998 ford Mustang look really nice!!

  14. TheBlackStealth

    The reason it is recommended axle nuts are discarded after use is that many are torqued to yield and so strength is compromised after being torqued. Sometimes this means the nut is permanently stretched so its not even possible to thread it back onto the axle. However, not all are torqued to yield, follow the instructions in your service manual – if it is recommended to replace it, they're cheap, might as well.

  15. that one weird person

    Why do you have o put the car in first to remove the axle nut?

  16. Ethan Siems

    Jacking at the cars pinch welds are usually a better idea, frame rails in a uni-body car are not always the best

  17. Elliot Vistman

    Hi Chris, thank you for these amazing video's! Quick question. I see that you have video's on showing how to use a torque wrench and you gives us torque specs when you are working on your vehicles. How can we find the torque specs for our cars? Do you use a site to get us a mechanics manual that gives us torque specs and maybe a diagram how things come together? Thanks again

  18. ned ard

    It's funny that Americans have different names for parts, like cotter pin and spindle nut


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