How To Install 2 pc Wheel Adapters

By | November 29, 2017

How To Install 2 pc Wheel Adapters

Problem and answers with how to install 2 piece 5 lug to 6 lug wheel adapters.
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Hello this is Richard with my wheel hoping you’re having a great day

In this video I want to describe the wheel adapters and wheel spacers that I sell and

Give you a few pointers about what to look for when you purchase wheel adapters for your vehicle.

This is an example of a US-made wheel adapter, it is made of 6061 T6 billet aluminum

The wheel studs come in various sizes which will be described in the listing

The center hole size also varies between adapters and the hub size on different vehicles varies as well, the size for this item is shown in the written description,

Because an adapter have thickness, all adapters are spacers, the difference is if you change the bolt pattern it is considered an adapter and if you have the same pattern on both vehicle and wheel side it is considered a spacer

The minimum thickness we build bolt on adapters or spacers is 20 mm so there is enough material for structural integrity and enough room to attach the adapter to the vehicle with the lug nuts.

We can build them up to 4 inches thick.

Now let’s look at an imported adapter, generally it is very similar in appearance to the US-made adapter except for the stamped in number on it, all the imported adapters I have seen have this stamped in number and none of the US manufacturers that I am aware of do this.

At we sell US-made, custom and imported adapters, They are both made of the same billet aluminum material and are very similar in construction quality.

There are unscrupulous people in the adapter business that claim to have Integrity and would lead you to believe that they are selling a very inexpensive US-made product saying trust American grade, but they are imported adapters. We cannot manufacture adapters in this country and sell them for as low a price as the imported parts.

So if you are looking for the least expensive way to get your wheels to fit your vehicle you can purchase the imported adapters and work out just fine but, A word of caution with the imported adapters, if you purchase them with the wrong size studs you may end up having to buy two sets of lug nuts running your final cost up more in the end than purchasing US-made adapters to fit perfectly to start with.

So what is the advantage to US-made wheel adapters?

Since manufacturing in this country has been so drastically reduced it is a good thing to buy US-made products supporting US workers.

You can get custom applications that are not available in an imported item because it is an odd combination

We can also build them to fit the hub of your vehicle and the center hole of the wheel which is the best way to go.

If you want the best available for your vehicle then you get them US-made to match your wheel and car exactly in both the stud size and the center hole size.

Are there any advantages to imported adapters?

They are less expensive and available for immediate shipment, although US adapters usually ship within two days.

If you found this video on YouTube or other video site there may not be a specific listing attached to it, you can contact us at 423-704-0407 or visit to purchase an adapter, I also want to mention that due to the sheer number of combinations available all items are not available on the website so if you do not see what you need send us an email to or call

I hope this is been helpful, and have a blessed day.

One thought on “How To Install 2 pc Wheel Adapters

  1. s2knott

    Hey man im trying to put a set of 5×108 20" wheels on a 5×114 application, the car in question is a 2009 ford taurus, any idea if they would fit without stud cutting? Id like to find out if they would work before purchasing them, any help greatly appreciated


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