Extreme offroad 4×4 action australia adventure – mud bog water crossing 4WD

By | December 4, 2017

Our new 4WD Website intro Video containing snippets of just some of our 4WD adventures. If you are into 4x4ing or own a 4×4 visit our website http://www.4-wheeling-in-western-australia.com/ for hundreds of web pages of info on 4 Wheel Driving tips, hints, locations, camping, camping tips, modifying 4×4 & heaps more including photos of 4WD’s doing what they are meant to do!!
Vehicles in this video:
V8 Turbo Diesel LandCruiser 79 series Dual cab Off road
JK Jeep Wrangler Off roading
Holden Rodeo Off Road
Toyota Landcruiser 105 series mud bath
79 series Turbo Diesel LandCruiser sand dune
Toyota Hilux extreme river crossing
Toyota Hilux Mud Bath
Jeep Cherokee Mud jump
V8 Jeep Cherokee off roading
V8 Jeep vs mud

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22 thoughts on “Extreme offroad 4×4 action australia adventure – mud bog water crossing 4WD

  1. First Last

    How do you keep the inside of your truck dry when you were going through such deep water? To me it seems like water will get on

  2. Mark Seberry

    After watching your vids its clear to see how good quality rock rails/side steps are so useful in the hard core stuff you tackle. Can you do a review on them as I am thinking about getting some to replace the shitty aluminium side steps that came on my Hilux and are now trashed. Also I see you don't use any tarps on the front of your trucks when doing quite deep & muddy water crossings. Is there a reason you don't? I thought it would be almost a necessity. Thanks for the awesome vids. Keep em coming.

  3. Madzor

    Excellent work there! Oh and a great day to everybody reading this! 🙂

  4. rolly buegge

    these 79's are not for everyone ,they drive  like a truck and are hard to park with there bad turning circle, but they are for me

  5. Simons World

    Sounds like the opening seen has the camera mounted to Torbs Cruiser?

  6. Carson Kauffman

    my grandparents work there so I go every year my grandpa owns a big old 1973? chevy red truck if youve seen it it would've been at truck registration right beside you guys

  7. Carson Kauffman

    yo get me on video next year I was right by your guys truck at truck registration never would've guessed it was you guys damn!

  8. Mayolakecity Batchhouse

    Holy Smoke! One Hellofa turnout!! Several of ever kind of 4X4 imaginable! Love IT!


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