Extreme Chevy S-10 :: 4-Wheel Steer :: Off-road Mudding

By | December 9, 2017

Extreme Chevy S-10 :: 4-Wheel Steer :: Off-road Mudding

4 wheel steer Chevy S-10 from the Memorial 2000 off-road event in Dresser, Wisconsin. This was a section from the highlight video that I made for them back in 2000.

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Chevrolet Colorado 4×4 off road in Huntsville TX General sams 4 wheel chevy
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39 thoughts on “Extreme Chevy S-10 :: 4-Wheel Steer :: Off-road Mudding

  1. trevor kleinschmidt

    that thing is a dope ride. I love the rear steer and the windshield

  2. gblockvet

    suspension lift is also to get clearance for ground to drive train, also putting anything bigger than 38" in most states are illegal so if you put bigger you might be required to haul it and it wouldnt be "street legal". ( i highly doubt its his daily driver, but if he wants to drive it to the locations that might be the reason behind smaller tires)

  3. zacks workshop

    man if your going to run huge horse power and rock wells and drive the shit out of the truck at least get some 44s or bigger the 35s or 38 in the video give you no clearance at all !!! this is not a trail truck this is a mud bog in a feild truck its like taking a indy car into a drag race

  4. wpmacyt

    It's hard to tap lightly when you've got a sledgehammer. I thank you, kind sir, for your unbridled enthusiasm

  5. Island Life

    Nice truck but I dont think the guy gets the point of a lift. He has like 10inches of body lift but the tires arent that big. The point of a body lift is to get clearance for bigger tires, he should of pt a suspensoin lift on it to get more clearance on the undercarriage.

  6. Matt Hill

    that thing is sick!!!!!!
    I see why 2tons are a must with that driving style i bet tranny's are a issue too

  7. James Brough

    Nice truck! Awesome track selection also. I first heard that song on the Rave Til Dawn '91 CD.

  8. YourEternalDJ

    At the time I had 3" Shackles and Torsion Keys cranked. I used the suspension maxx Kit.

  9. Jackedrado

    You get better mileage with the 5.3 over the 5 cylinder. I got around 18 max before I lifted it. Nice vid though! Mine would do that in 2 wheel!

  10. Cory Hall

    I have castrol edge synthetic in my 05 4×4 and I'm getting 28 roughly. Highly suggested

  11. Allon Taylor

    If the tailgate is down you can fit two if its up you can fit one if its angled right

  12. Pastroodle

    Couple questions,
    1. What are those wheels? And their size?
    2. What company makes that bullbar?
    3. Where did you get those tailights?
    4. Did you paint your grille black? Or did it come like that or how did you get it all black?
    I have an 07' crew cab black and want it to look identical to yours! Awesome rado!

  13. Ryan Boyce

    im kind of a ford guy, but now that they fucked up hard when not redoing the ranger with an ecoboost, im thinking of buying one of these colorados!

  14. David Murray

    @indieelement yeah and the H3 is quite a bit heavier than a colorado which also makes a world of difference!

  15. Brad Taylor

    Nice truck, Ive been thinking about going to that park are there usualy alot of people there or not really? I live just south of huntsville in willis.


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