Extreme 4 wheel driving championships action.

By | November 26, 2017

National four wheel driving champ’s New Zealand. Drivers must go through the course hazards without stopping or travelling out of bounds.

Cody (GMC) and Brad (Chevy) playin in the creek at Bettie, near Gilmer, TX – 12/11/10.

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21 thoughts on “Extreme 4 wheel driving championships action.

  1. Jaybird Risland

    Really could have done without the stupid ass music.  Otherwise, it was a great video.  I want to hear engines, NOT elevator music.

  2. oceandrive13

    these trucks suck. big motor, big tires, but light. Get you a big heavy HUMMER H2 hiljacks.

  3. Joe Mace

    LOL,…. these things may do well in swamp mucky …..but i wouldnt take that set up for running around up here in Maine … them tires at that low of a pressure … just aint gonna work .     Nice trucks tho !
     Hats off to ya !

  4. sNiiPeZ_03

    I own a chevy that looks like the second one, it would probably do better than your dodge, and it only has 35'' tires and 4'' lift on it

  5. Aaron Sheffield

    The coppers around hear would pull you over so fast and you would have a pile of tickets

  6. Thomas Wisniewski

    To nuwine29ify, REDNECK is much better than your chicken wings

  7. Andrew Sanders

    @ rekjavicxxx, What size terra tires is the white GMC at the beginning running? and width too???


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