desk – front and above – no chair

By | November 30, 2017

A few nice 4 WHEEL ADAPTERS images I found:

desk – front and above – no chair
Image by Keithius
Looking at the desk from (standing) eye level.

The desk is from Ikea… as are the red tables on either side.

The computer is a Dell desktop – and it’ll always be a desktop. Although a laptop would be "cleaner" I just can’t bring myself to own a computer that I can’t upgrade by swapping out parts!

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TCR Move Rack Diagram v5
Image by Jemimus
Version 5 of the rack diagram.
This one includes some numbers about connections. As you can see, we can out of power sockets on the RS2 rack. This is because we failed to order enough sockets/PDU’s.
I blame myself for not being more on top of what was being ordered, I assumed the person knew what he was doing.

As I cannot add any more stuff to that rack, I had to move hardware around a bit. I wanted to avoid cross-connected the power from one rack to the other.

I was not impressed by the amount of patch points the cable engineers provided us with, only 2 rows of 24 patches each, barely enough. Its constrained by the power socket issue though.

I ordered a rack-conversion kit for the IBM 3800 box, so I can take the wheels off and we don’t need a shelf for it.

I ended up needing 2U worth of space above each KVM screen to accommodate all the cables belonging to both the HP 16 port KVM box, the foldout screen, and the Avocent 1020 (+adapter). If we had ordered the correct KVM box to begin with (with enthernet built in) I would have won back 2U.

All this messing with cables has me wondering how they do it with large high-density environments. I can hardly get enough spare free in these HP 10000 racks, for all the cables.

If, like us, you use redundant network and power, use KVM cables (with those little plug-devices attached) and also use 1 ethernet for ILO/RSA/DRAC , you are gonna get pressed for space down the sides.
If you where then to use 1U pizza boxes all down the rack, say the DL360G5, you would need mucho power, at least 4 PDU’s I am guessing, and large socket boxes.
There is physically NOT ENOUGH ROOM in these HP10000 racks for all that.
An IBM Enterprise rack with extra 11 inches at each side? That would be oke… but these? No way. How do they do it?!

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