Big Bear 4 Wheel Drive Tour – White Mountain 4×4 Trail – Holcomb Valley – Furnace Canyon Off Road

By | December 9, 2017

Big Bear 4 Wheel Drive Tour. Off road. 4 Wheeling. Big Bear Lake California. July 28th 2013. San Bernardino National Forest. Ranger Greg takes a few volunteers from the Adopt-a-Trail Group on an interpretive tour of the 4×4 trails in Big Bear California. We meet at the Discovery Center at 8:15 am and the tour starts there. We head up Polique Canyon Road to Holcomb Valley. Greg talks about the past and recent history of the area – the Native American Tribes – The original Grizzlies that inhabited the area – the miners, ranchers, and the Pioneers etc. We make a stop at the Hangman’s Tree. After they would hang the people on the branches, the branches would be cut. We head over to the Furnace Canyon area and views of Lucerne Valley and Cougar Buttes. From there we head over to White Mountain 4×4 Trail. We go up and over to Windy Point for Lunch. We head down to Coyote Flat and then meander our way through maze of huge granite boulders and buttresses west of the Grapevine Canyon area. We pick up trash along the way. We head back out toward Holcomb Creek and then out through Fawnskin to end the day. Thanks to Greg for leading the trek. White Mountain Road – Forest Road 3N17. Furnace Canyon Road – Forest Road 3N54. Correction on Arctic Canyon Overlook – should be Furnace Canyon Overlook.
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14 thoughts on “Big Bear 4 Wheel Drive Tour – White Mountain 4×4 Trail – Holcomb Valley – Furnace Canyon Off Road

  1. Matt Bynum

    damn that grey XJ killed it up that one little hill the wrangler was struggling with.

  2. Taco Trek

    Looks like a fun adventure. I'm from Los Angeles and I have an off-road vehicle with rear lockers that can do these trails. Only thing holding me back is that I don't know anyone who off roads or enjoys overland travel. Thanks for posting!

  3. Efrain Pineda

    very nice I'm planing on doing this I have a grand jeep Cherokee not a 4×4 but I'm gonna give it a try
    where exactly is this at I've been to big bear but where do I go when I'm up there????

  4. Anthony Wall

    Moon walks, Apachee,
    Long this skyline,
    Song, yet, not I sing.

    Oh, gather flesh.
    And call to conscience.

    Here, back, these bones, they’ll bring.

    Yale, ask not why, but how?
    My rap won’t sing.
    And long this sky has stood in place.
    And so, back home, Apachee, bring.

    Yale, ask not why!
    But how!?
    My rap won’t sing.
    And for darker than the midnight sky is what, alone, I bring…  _:l

  5. CrazyLegsMcGee

    I want to do something like this. Guess it's time for another off-road adventure. Thanks for sharing!

  6. ear topsy

    What a great vid' – thank you! Makes me really miss home ('71-'87)  I remember driving endlessly on all the 3N** & 2N** roads just to see where they went. Thanks also for the not adding music ; )  I love the sounds of the outside…

  7. Deborah Wilder

    I use to leave in Big bear California. Remember those off roads.Had a great time.with my family's

  8. explorethewest

    Thanks for watching Zep. It was a good day on the trail. I think your Cherokee could have done this trail no problem even with the open diffs and you're a good driver. I don't have lockers yet (although they would be nice to have) and the trail was no problem – even in the steeper rockier sections. Hope to see you on the trail soon.

  9. explorethewest

    Yup – there were a couple of places on the trail that could have used the Blazer/trail widener LOL.

  10. mobiltec

    Looks like I need to bring the Blazer up there and widen that trail back up a bit.

  11. explorethewest

    You're welcome Pathfinder and Thank you too! Thanks for the comment on the music – glad it worked well with the video. Hope to see you, and I hope your knee gets better soon too.

  12. explorethewest

    It was an educational and fun ride. We sure could use some of that monsoonal moisture you have in Colorado here right now. We've been dealing with quite a few wildfires out here too.

  13. San Juan Mountain Bob

    Nice ride Charlie. It looks like you guys have been missing the deluge of rain we've been getting here in Colorado. It's green everywhere now….after we almost burned up in June.


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