Best Off-Road 4 Wheel action of 2015

By | December 1, 2017

Best Off-Road 4 Wheel action of 2015. This is it 2015 best action moments rolled into one video.
Almost every video clip from this video is from either an Adventure Trip Video or a Modified video.
2015 was a huge year for us with plenty of action packed trips all over western australia. To see any of the trip videos or Modified episodes from 2015 simply head over to my channel and have a look.

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20 thoughts on “Best Off-Road 4 Wheel action of 2015

  1. Marcos Vallenari

    Como estas Ronny!!!! Soy Marcos, de Argentina.
    Me gusta mucho lo que hacen, la organización y el profesionalismo que tienen.
    Excelentes vehículos, me satisface la Toyota Landcruizer V8 doble cabina, excelente!!!!! saludos al equipo!!!!

  2. Charley Smith

    It's staggering that a channel with such high production values, variety, technical insight, etc etc etc has such a relatively low subscription base and viewer numbers. Yet other rubbish has multiple millions. l scratch my head in wonder. I promote the quality and variety of your work all round the place so l hope it has driven some traffic. Keep up the great work Mate.

  3. steven shephard

    who's flying when your driving please sir can I have some more

  4. Alex Lovato

    Hey Ronny! Been digging the videos for a while now! Always makes me wish I wasn't at work and was out exploring! I run an 07 Toyota 4Runner lightly modded, do you have any experience with 4Runners? Would love to see one on your show! Cheers!

  5. mimixownzall

    Does the Australian government limit your radio power output like the FCC does in the States? Here we can't go over 4 watts without some licensing bull. (although single side band on a CB goes to something like 12 watts and you don't need one for that)

  6. tgjaedan

    Awesome stuff man. Love your vids and you guys really have some beautiful scenery out there. Wish my jeep would make it there from Florida.


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