Are wheel spacers safe? Wheel Spacer Safety testing – 2 Door Stock

By | November 30, 2017

This is a 2 door STOCK Ford explorer watch in an over-steer situation how it rolls over and hits the stabilizer bars.

Are wheel spacers safe? — Performance wheel & Tire Warehouse put the question to the test and show the rollover possibilities of the vehicles with and without our billet wheel spacers. – Be sure to watch the video with the same vehicle modified with our safety spacers.

20 thoughts on “Are wheel spacers safe? Wheel Spacer Safety testing – 2 Door Stock

  1. Paul Alexander

    Fourteen seconds of unknown!

    Should I fit spacers? Conclusion unknown.

    Fourteen seconds wasted!

  2. Old_Ford_Trucks-FF#147

    This is a rollover tendancy testing video from the late 90s to early 00s when Ford Motor Company & Firestone Tire Company were in several lawsuits after defective Firestone tires were failing causing Explorers to roll over.. The earlier Bronco II was known to have high potential for rollover in emergency lane changes when it was still in the prototype stages. Ford knew about it and decided to release the Bronco II anyway because they would loose to much money shelfing the build or rebuilding the entire truck so they decided to release it to the public the way it was. The Bronco II was rolling over left and right in emergency lane changes and various other situations killing people so they revised it and came out with the Explorer in 1990 and still didn't completely fix the rollover issue. Firestones defective ATX Radial & Wilderness AT tires were failing (tread seperation) at highway speeds causing people to loose control and roll over.. Ford setting the tire pressure at 28 psi was only speeding up the tire failures to..


    whos ever puts wheel spacers on a fukn explorer suv besides it all matters who installs them also race drifters use these all the time

  4. Derek Duroncelet

    this test isn't even about wheel spacers it's a rollover test go look it up its all over YouTube and was in a documentary

  5. WeKnowTheTruth2012

    PEOPLE look into their account they have a 2nd video of this car WITH wheel spacers it causes a huge difference

  6. Chris Tarr

    Yeah… Let's use a Ford Explorer that was known for the highest rollover rates in the 2000's. Really smart.

  7. AR 10

    that is a family mpv. If that was a proper car that wouldn't have happened. infact wheel spacers can prevent that.

  8. Mario Thomas

    Is there a certain way you have to drive on spacer and adapter to prevent them from breaking

  9. Jonathan Roberson

    This has pretty much nothing to do with wheel spacers. Drive any old explorer like that and you're gonna roll. Only way you wont is with heavy duty sway bars and stiff suspension


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