5 to 6 Lug Wheel Adapter Spacer

By | December 7, 2017

Convert your 5 lug vehicle to a 6 lug wheel with this 2 piece billet aluminum wheel adapter
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20 thoughts on “5 to 6 Lug Wheel Adapter Spacer

  1. Julienne Cole

    I got a 2004 Expedition I need to know if the rims from a 2003 Cadillac Escalade if the rims will fit on my Expedition there both 6 lugs

  2. 98chevy_ life

    I have a 98 chevy silverado c1500 2wd 5 lug and I want spacer that will go from 5lug to 6lug. Want the 6 lug to be Chevy bolt pattern
    how much would a set be with for spacers

  3. Wilfredo Rodriguez

    I need some help please, i have a 1995 chevrolet silverado 2wd c1500 I need an adapter from 5 lugs to convert to 6 lug but I don't really know where I can find them or what are the right measurements

  4. Ashton Mugridge

    I have these. Very good quality. I stripped one of the black bolt heads. I used the 8mm allen head and it worked great but when i torqued them down i slightly stripped one. What mm allen head wrench should be used and can the black bolts be purchased at any fasteners store or from you only. Cheers.

  5. Hector De Loza

    I got a 6 lugs rims that I was using on my tahoe. what kind adapter do I need to put them on my Chevy 1983 c10 5 lugs ?

  6. rogee2009

    i need a 5×135 to 5×152.4 do they make these cant find no where?

  7. Luis Reyes

    Hey quick question i got adapters just like that to put on my dodge ram but once i try and put the top layer my lugs dont let me they are too long…what would you recommend me doing ….thanks

  8. John Coyle

    wanting to add 6 lug Toyota wheels on my 5 lug chevy truck. how much would they cost

  9. Danielle Cain

    looking to go from 5 to 6 lug on a 2006 dodge durango to fit 26" rims. which adapters do yu suggest?

  10. Antonio Fayson

    I have a 97 Pontiac grand Prix and I have some 6 lugs rims how much will it cost me . thank you

  11. Tony Farrow

    have a 320 my Benz,want to put 26 inch on it the rims I have are 6 lugs,my Benz is 5 lugs what adapters to I need

  12. ricflores50

    1999 f150

    5h to 6h

    from 5×135 to 6×139.7

    do u ship to the philippines? thanks

  13. buck perala

    I have a 75 cj5 5 lug! what would I need to install toyota 6 lug wheels?

  14. Tyler Ratliff

    can your lugs on the vehicle stick past the first part of your adapter or do it have to be smooth to put on the second piece'


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