4×4 Off-road trip Awesome muddy South west W.A.

By | December 2, 2017

4x4 Off-road trip Awesome muddy South west W.A.

4×4 Off-road trip Awesome muddy South west W.A. (Episode 19). We explore Wellington National Park and find more than we could have hoped for. Yet again with the help of our good mate Wayne (the SW local) we encountered Deep bogholes, very steep and long hill climbs covered with mud and a great tough section at the end which tested us all!
After this awesome trip we camped at a place called Potters Gorge which made for a great nights camp with plenty of cold ones around the camp fire talking about the days 4WD adventure.
Vehicles in this video: we had Two 79 series landcruisers, Two Nissan Patrols and one unstoppable Jeep!

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20 thoughts on “4×4 Off-road trip Awesome muddy South west W.A.

  1. Justin Church

    Awesome video bud! What model Toyota pickup is the first vehicle? The single cab, grey.

  2. Scott Pyatt

    The two Toyota's sound lovely. Like they are running really sweet. Strange to think that in a few years Diesel engines will be no more in Europe.


    Hi Ronny ,, do you know the part number of Toyota 70 series (2011 on) cupholder? (with power socket model) thx

  4. Cory Kenny

    Hey Ronny love your videos just wondering if the dual cab cruisers are the way to go

  5. Christof Snyman

    Any chance a 3.0 Toyota Hilux will make it across these obstacles?

  6. jumper2079

    "Yeah this bloody Jeep, I tell ya, it's got open diffs and it just doesn't stop"
    Of course it doesn't stop, IT'S A JEEP!! Says the American who drives a Jeep and is completely and totally biased. But hey, at least I admit it. Great video and channel Ronny, keep up the good work.

  7. mosslager

    That Jeep may not of had lockers but it does have BLD (brake lock differentials) which works like a locker sending up to 50% power to the wheel with grip as it uses the ABS to apply brake pressure to the wheel that slips.  Its an impressive traction control setup.  I have a Rubicon with the lockers and rarely need them with the BLD.

  8. Randall Lawkin

    Man seems like Australia has some really good off roading and very cool utes

  9. David Hickok

    I know this is an older video but I notice no one has any MAXTRAX. Why not?

  10. Swizzy™

    This is like power tools Milwaukee are the best then there is that embarrassing aeg tools that are at the same level

  11. bluepowderedsteel

    I don't want to lecture but half of this is just creating scars on the landscape which nature will never be able to heal.

  12. Raphael Leite

    Not really fair to say she has open diffs as I'm pretty sure that jeep has abs modulated traction control… I have it on my Mercedes GL450 and in most scenarios functions better than lockers. Albeit not as fun as the land cruisers.


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