2013 Ford F-250 Project Truck: The Ultimate Super Dirty! – Dirt Every Day Ep. 19

By | December 16, 2017

Every year Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road goes on a weeklong off road adventure and builds a crazy 4×4 to lead the trip. This week on Dirt Every Day Fred takes you to Shaffer’s Off Road to see the project truck they are calling the Ultimate Super Dirty get transformed from a run of the mill ¾-ton to a off road trail slayer. Check out the project and come back to the Motor Trend Channel on October 28 for a week of Ultimate Adventure videos.

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20 thoughts on “2013 Ford F-250 Project Truck: The Ultimate Super Dirty! – Dirt Every Day Ep. 19

  1. harleyJune

    seriously why didn't ford just give you a frame , cab and drivetrain – ? save yourselves a lot of work and ford a lot of money -? just because we can seems to be the sub-title of dirt everyday – – i don't really understand except it ain't your money – and what is the roi for MTC on 2mil views? again my guess is aside from production cost – everything else is provided? there can not be that many folks out there that say hey – I want to do that too – let me go drop 5 figures on a diesel new truck to chop up? can there be? for those out there that want those to be longer than 12minutes – why? it is the perfect length – hey here is what we did and you don't have to buy the rag to see the pics..journalistic minimalism adapting to the new interweb era – but I do like Fred – perfect personality for this stuff – very fun and entertaining

  2. Niko Soear

    What size lift does he Have? Usually running 40s u need around 10 inch lift. But his looks more like an 8

  3. yup hoe

    Smart Waste Money on a Brand New Truck to strip it down, cut it, swap parts & offroad it Smh..

  4. Laura Muller

    reservation feature court observer as abstract handle clean championship.

  5. Erica Elaine Sanders

    i did a little research and those portal ends are $30,000 for 4 not shipped not installed. thanks for for the unattainable dream.

  6. n

    why? – chevy k-5 were 104 wheel base – no cost compared to buying a "BRAND NEW F250" just drop a cummins in K5 (the balance and lots extra left over for more mods) – same product – and not tearing up a brand new truck just because you can – we'd have to have stupid big money to do this modification – this I just don't get because "we do it because we can " is just to banal

  7. michael newman

    Hey Fred how did the stock transmission like the geared down axles? Did the diesel rev to high on the highway?

  8. TW Rocks

    i love these episodes keep on motor trend channel if you like this comment please smash the like button

  9. JasonT404

    Isn't cutting the frame completely ridiculous? I would assume no patch could ever come close to the same strength as the original.


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